About me

How it began

I had been creating ever since I could hold an object in my hand, according to family members. I grew up in a creative and technically savvy household so my learning began early and I cannot remember a time when I wasn’t creating something. In High School, I won several awards including the Bank of America Certificate in Art. I have had my art displayed at CSU Los Angeles, BCC in Washington state and for several other art contests and store fronts during school years since grade school. I had primarily use pastels, charcoal, pencil and pen but now any artwork I do is primarily in digital format. And yes, I started drawing in old dos format with the 'highly technically awesome' MS Paint.

I've always enjoyed photograpy and took a stronger interest in photo manipulation and print when I became the yearbook and school newspaper photographer. With the high school interest, I soon got a job with a portrait studio while attending college. I hold a degree in Photography and have photographed several weddings (with my father), large groups and events. I highly enjoy portraiture and have experience with photographing formal and informal animal, individual, couple and group portraits. In the days before digital cameras, I would say my main passion was creating thematic portraiture and working with black and white film. Now I really love digital manipulation and have not used film format since I was given my first digital camera.

How it Continues

My interest in web design was that of an interested and competent tinkerer. In the late 1990’s I started dabbling in web design and development, caught the interest of Robert Gould who encouraged me in developing this skill. I have several certificates in web development and design with the focus on HTML, CSS, javascript, PHP, java, wordpress and more. During the late 1990's and early 2000's the sites I created were unique, on edge designs and implementations in the web field for its time. For most of the 2000's I worked primarily for Robert Gould's clientel, most notibly Brian and Wendy Froud. In 2011, Mr. Gould was consolidating his business and we parted ways at that time.

Starting in 2001, I began dealing with a myriad of health issues. In 2012 I was finally diagnosed accurately with having an auto-immune disease. As such, the web projects I currently take on are on a limited basis.

If you are intersted in hiring me to work on a website for an individual or small group, feel free to contact me!

Where else you can find me:

Westward Vistas (my photography site)
Truly Fae (my art site)


Here's a list of completed web projects and passions.

Black pumpkin pictures

Black Pumpkin Pictures: blackpumpkinpictures.com

I was a secondary consultant and completed a logo design and website for this company in 2012. Their first movie is coming to theaters in late 2016!

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Reach Rescue Inc

Reach Rescue Inc: reachrescue.org

I was a secondary consultant for REACH Rescue Inc. regarding their website needs in 2011. I then became the designer and web developer in 2012. Since 2014, the website is being maintained by REACH Rescue.

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World of Froud: worldoffroud.com

Originally this was a fan-based website I created, titled The Froudian: A Brian Froud Collection (1998), which became the official web site for Brian and Wendy Froud in 1998. From 1998-2011 I created, designed, developed and maintained this website including the multitude of designs and templates used based on a specific book of the Frouds and website redesigns. I also updated, maintained and developed their online mailing list, their Amazon storefronts and some interactive features using Java. In 2011 I completed the new Froud website, however Toby Froud and Imaginosis will be continuing on with the maintenance of their website, mailing list and Amazon storefronts.

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Nature Blessesd Inc

Nature Blessed Inc: natureblessedinc.com

I designed, coded, photographed products and sporadically maintained this online store for the merchant site of Nature Blessed Inc. in 2004. The site was maintained by the owner and kept with my design until its closure in 2011.

Goblin Market

Goblin Market: goblinmarket.net

I designed this website in 2000 for the World of Froud/Imaginosis merchandise online store. This design was kept until 2010. The site was maintained by Imaginosis. In 2010, Goblin Market closed and merged with the Faerieworlds.com storefront.


Goblins!: got-goblins.com

I designed and coded this website in 2004 for the promotion of Brian Froud’s Goblins! book. Last time I visited this URL, the website was overrun with real Goblins (gambling ads were infesting the website). I’m not sure who is actually in control of that URL, but it has not been hosted by the artist for a long time. Visitors are warned!

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Daughters of the Sea

Daughters of the Sea

I created this website in 1999 for the love of the sea and the women and female counterparts that are associated with or known for the sea. This was hosted on a free domain server which has since been defunct.


Fionaurora's Wanderings of the Imagination: geocities.com

And here you have it. My first ever website based on things I loved; things that were not on the internet when I started. This site was actually salvaged and preserved on reocities.com in remberance. (Aww! LOVE!) Note, not everything on this site works and the Froud stuff (which was on Fortunecity.com) was not salvaged. It is very dated (obviously) however keep in mind that when I made this I was using FLOPPY discs to store my data. I don't even have this stuff saved anymore!

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Get in touch

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